Blindness is a disability, which one can overcome with proper training and guidance. Persons affected by blindness need opportunities for quality education, skills, training, rehabilitation, employment and a full social and family life. Close your eyes for a few moments and in the darkness realize how important it is to be able to see. Now imagine blinds were to stay closed, condemning you to a dark prison forever. This is the reality faced by the blind throughout their lives. In India, in the rural areas, there are 22 blind males and 28 blind females in a population of 100,000. 15 males and 25 females in a population of 100,000 in urban areas.

The number of the blind in India is estimated to be 13 million and this is a growing figure. The plight of people with vision impairment became so terrible that street begging & dependency on others became the only means of survival for many, especially those without adequate and appropriate education during their childhood that would enhance their capability to lead dignified life and also help them to earn their squire meal. A blind that is educated to some appreciable level, the problem of securing a decent and well-paid job became an uphill task. To provide basic education & other vocational skills along with life skills, an institute by name RAJ ANDH VIDYALAYA was established.

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